Batten Down the Hatches!

It has finally come down to the last week before my semester in Sydney, Australia begins, and next Monday I board the plane for a magical 22-hr ride across the country and over a lot of ocean. I’ve begun my packing, but the real preparations started months ago with figuring out the appropriate student visa, buying airfare, setting up housing, and perhaps the most difficult, trying to approve classes I can take at MacQuarie University that will count for USF credit.

A full semester at MacQuarie consists of four “units” equaling 12 credit points. As of this week, it looks like I will be taking Earth Surface Processes, Environmental Change, Plant Structure and Function, and Introductory Spanish I. However, if I can rearrange my schedule, I would gladly switch out Earth Processes for Applied Climatology and Plants for Vertebrate Evolution–we’ll have to see once I begin registration! Australian universities don’t use the same A, B,C scale and it instead goes from the highest possible grade of a “high distinction” to a failing grade. My semester officially begins on March 3 and goes through July 4th.

I arrive in country on Wednesday, 2/19 (since I fly into the future!), and will be staying in an on-campus apartment at MacQuarie University Village. The first weekend I have signed up for a trip with my fellow MacQuarie students to go to Jervis Bay, which is about 125 miles south of the university. The university itself is not right in Sydney, but is about 20-30 minutes North West of the metropolis.

Not long now!


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