First Two Weeks

Tomorrow will mark my first two weeks in this new and exciting city. So far, I have enjoyed the city very much, I have met a lot of the exchange students for the semester in the faculty of science. Most of the students are from other parts of Europe, I have only met 3 other from the states. Everyone is very nice and open to make new friendship.

For the first few days the temperature was below zero and it snowed almost throughout the day. The white made everything very pretty out!

The campus I go to is in the town center, for the first week of class, I’ve had to wake up at 530 AM and walk 45 minutes to class. Today my metro pass was activated and it is now only a 20 minute commute. I am taking 3 public health classes and a sociology class called Danish Society. So far, I like all of my classes, professors are very nice and really want the students to do well.

I have done some exploring in the city, went to New Port, the Carlsburg brewery, and the Rosenberg castle. There are still many more things to see and do in Copenhagen


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